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Julia M.

Dzisiaj znów nietypowy post bo nie ja w nim będę grała główną rolę tylko następna moja bohaterka :) czyli kolejna dziewczyna, która jest moją modową inspiracją... Julia jest szaloną 19-latką pochodzącą z Toronto. Jej kreacje połączone z idealną figurą zachwycają mnie niesamowicie :)

Zatem poznajmy nieco Julię :) 

Unusual post again today because I am not there I only played a major role next my hero :) or another girl, who is my fashion inspiration ... Julia is a crazy 19-year-old comes from Toronto. Her creations combined with the ideal figure of delight me tremendously :) 

Getting to know a little, therefore, Julia :)

1. What do you do every day? What you are interested in?

"What do I do everyday? Hm that's hard to answer. My life is a pretty unorganized and an unpredictable unscheduled mess. If I'm not doodling, I'm at school, and when I'm not at school slaving away at paintings or essays I'm at home complaining about the weather, practicing the piano, sleeping, drinking coffee or shopping. I can tell you however, that I'm never bored..I always seem to have something to eat up my time."

2. Where did the idea of running a blog come from?

"I needed one for my first year of school in some digital media class I took, and then I just decided to keep it since people seemed interested."

3. Where do you draw inspiration? You have a fashion idol?

"My inspiration stems from different things everyday---its rarely consistent. I'm finding that music is one of the largest contributes for my inspiration though, I can't go anywh ere without my I-pod. And as for fashion idols? Well I have a lot. Karl Lagerfeld, Marc Jacobs for sure, and I'm really starting to appreciate some of the stuff the Olsen twins have done. Keira Knightley looks good in everything she wears and I love her. I used to be obsessed with Agyness Deyn and her boyish style. But I think its easy to be fashionable when you have money spewing out from underneath you, so the true idols I look up to now are the ones I've met here in Toronto--who basically mix and match from here and there. The street style here sometimes lacks uniqueness, but when you find someone with true originality, its really mind-blowing and absolutely admirable."

4. Who do you want to become in the future? Do you have any plans related to fashion?

"Someone asked me a few days ago if I was going to school for fashion, and I was a little disappointed that I was not, like "whatt the hell? YA! I should be in fashion right now!". I think its something I want to look into after I finish my program at OCAD. And I definitely see myself taking some time off to travel and see the world. Finally get a chance to relax."

5. How would you describe your style?

"I wouldn't. But I aim to put my own spin on current trends all the time. Feel comfortalbe, get a reaction, be fearless---ya I'd call that a style if I had to."

6. Your favorite designer?

"Ohh boy I have a lot. Right now? Currently? I would have to say Jeffrey Campbell, because holy shit that guy can make a killer shoe."

7. Your favorite piece of clothing?

"My favourite piece of clothing that I own are my liquid leggings, because for about a month I've lived in them and they go with absolutely everything. Dress it down, dress it up, do whatever you do with leggings--and more. Must have in my opinion."

8. What kind of clothes occupy your closet the most?

"Anything that's black, gray or white. Yup. I got lots of that."

9. What do you do that allows you to have such nice figure? :)

"Haha! Oh God you're going to hate me, but I was born this way--and look like this naturally. I don't think I've ever watched what I ate, which is very bad. You may think its great to have such a fast metabolism, but its very frustrating not being able to gain weight. As for exercise, I walk a lot, and swim TONS in the summer."

10. The thing which you think will reign on the streets in 2010?

"Oh who knows? All these things from the 70's and 80's are coming back, like leather jackets and studs, crazy hairbands and wicked layering. I hope in 2010 designers play with fabric with complete fearlessness and originality--bring it on!"

Thanks Julia :*

xoxo anwari ;)

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