sobota, 17 października 2009

Tiffany A.

Dziś mała niespodzianka, pierwszy i napewno nie ostatni raz :)

Natomiast, mam zamiar przeprowadzać mini wywaiady z osabami których styl mnie inspiruje... Pierwszą osobą która zgodziła się odpowiedzieć na kilka moich pytań jest właśnie Tiffany, przemiła 19-latka pochodząca z Californi... Dzięki temu iż zgodziła się ze mną porozmawiać i zdradzić kilka ciekawych rzeczy możemy ją lepiej poznać :) 

 Today a small surprise, the first and certainly not the last time:)

By contrast, I intend to carry out mini-interviews with people whose style inspires me ... The first person who agreed to answer some of my questions is the Tiffany and delightful 19-year-old coming from California ... Thus it has agreed to talk to me and reveal some interesting things we can get to know :) 

Welcome Tiffany!
I am very happy that you found time to answer some of my questions.
Here in Poland you are an inspiration to many girls.

"Hi! I finished answering the questions. Thank you so much for finding interest in me. Let me know if you need anything else. Also, if you want to use any photos from my blog, you're welcome to! :)"

1. What do you do every day? What you are interested?

"I usually work throughout the week and when I have time, I go to shows. Aside from fashion, I'm very interested in music, more specifically the piano."

2. Where did the idea of running a blog?

"Well, I used to post my outfits in a community on livejournal and a few people told me that I should start a blog. Once I found time, I took their advice."

3. How do we draw inspiration? You have a fashion idol?

"I think that you can draw inspiration from anything and everything. I love getting inspiration from novels because the author helps guide your imagination with fictional characters. My fashion idol would have to be Blair Waldorf, a character in the TV show/book Gossip Girl. She dresses very feminine and is always well tailored."

4. Who want to become in the future? Do you have any plans related to fashion?

"I would really love to design clothes. I alter most of my clothes already and I definitely feel like it would be a good field for me. If I'm unable to do fashion design, I'd love to work somewhere in the fashion industry, whether it's styling, modeling or even writing."

5. How would you describe your style?

"It's very feminine and sometimes edgy. I like to wear a lot of prints and patterns, as well as bows."

6. Your favorite designer?

"Marc Jacobs. I love him more than most things."

7. Your favorite clothing, a gadget?

"I just bought a skirt from Marc Jacobs. It's a full, high waisted, circle skirt and has a huge bow at the waist. I have yet to wear it out, but it quickly became my favorite item the moment I saw it."

8. What kind of clothes you have much in the closet?

"I have lots and lots of skirts. Probably too many."

9. What do you do that you have such nice figure?

"I really don't do much. The only exercise I do are sit ups. Also, I eat pretty healthy and I drink lots of water. I have an extremely fast metabolism so it’s very hard for me to gain weight."

10. The thing which you think will reign on the streets in 2010?

"I think polka dots will soon be in, as well as double breasted jackets/coats, ruffled tops and peplum skirts. I’m actually very excited for 2010, because these are all my favorite things and I’m glad bows will still be in."

Thanks Tiffany :*

xoxo anwari ;) 

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